Last 3 books I read

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The Locke & Key series -> FIVE STARS (must read!)

Midnight Crossroad -> One star (just don’t bother)

The Murders of Molly Southbourne -> Four stars (really interesting novella)

Mission Biblioteca: Meadows branch

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The first stop on our tour of every library branch in Edmonton was the Meadows branch.

Meadows entrance from inside the rec centre

And it was stunning. Brand new, the Meadows is located in the southeast side of the city in the new Meadows Community Recreation Centre. Though it seems a bit small (sorry—I compare every library to my childhood “home” of the St. Albert Public Library), the high ceilings and bright windows give it an airy feel.

This would be a great place to study or to sit and read for a bit since it’s rather quiet mid-week and midday. Also, because it’s attached to the rec centre, this is your one-stop shop for mind/body rejuvenation. Hit a workout and then hit the books. Absolutely love the energetic feel of the space (but again, it could be due to those gorgeous windows).

Baby F and I are on the hunt for EPL’s “100 great books to read together”—they’re scattered across the city and my OCD to check off every list item compels me to find these books. Casually browsing through the children’s section, we stumbled upon two!

A few of the books Baby F and I will read this week.

I didn’t look for anything for me since I was picking up the book below (should be an interesting true crime story) and my little guy gets grumpy when I look around too long, so we came to pick up my book, grab a couple for him, and get out. Then we wandered around and looked at the rec centre.

Salacious true crime book for mom.

Favourite feature? At the far end of the library in the children’s section, there’s an art installation that appears to be a small green hill extending up toward the window. I can only imagine how much kids like sitting on this and running up and down. I was even tempted to wheel my stroller up and roll down with Baby F.

Mission: Visita cada biblioteca

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I’m on mat leave right now, caring for my little guy, and let me tell you—it’s hard to write. If I can get him down for a two-hour nap, I’m golden but the trouble is whether he naps for 15 minutes or two hours, I can’t see into the future to know HOW LONG he’ll nap for. The unpredictability is harsh, and I miss the old working days of knowing I’d at least have 45 minutes over my lunch hour.

So because “writers write always,” I have to find other ways of keeping up my writing skills, and if I can’t actually write, then I have to try to read a lot.

The other important thing too is I want my kid to appreciate books and storytelling. I want him to love a simple trip to the library where the only limit to the amount of books you can borrow is restricted to how much you can lift, bro.

So we started visiting my local library every couple of weeks. Mind you, he’s nodding off in a stroller while mom picks out books for him, but you gotta start somewhere. Then I got it in my head that because I’m not bound to a desk, we can go anywhere we want at any time. We’re not restricted to my local branch because it’s conveniently on the commute home, and the Edmonton Public Library has so many beautiful (and some new) branches, so I’ve decided that our goal over the next few months is to visit EVERY EPL BRANCH.

I’ll take a picture and write a little post about our experience and what we liked/didn’t like. I’m hoping to take Baby F to a couple of infant sing-along/storytimes, so I’ll let you know how that goes too. And I’ll try to share with you the books we took out because why not?

Stay tuned. Going to have something to share soon.

Serial killer birthday: A fun* game to play at parties

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*Not everyone shares the same sense of fun as we do, so you might scare some folks away or not get invited to the next party. On the other hand, you’ll find out who your true weirdo friends are!

This is an easy game. 1. Ask the person their date of birth. 2 Google search for serial killers born on that day. 3. Read the Wikipedia entry about the killer that comes up. 4. Enjoy this unusual, but super fun icebreaker.

Lemme share mine. I was born on February 29 (yes—the Leap Day). This is a very rare day, so you’d think the odds of there being any serial killers born this day would be next to nothing.


I share a birthday with TWO serial killers: Aileen Wuornos and Richard Ramirez. Yeah, pretty freakin’ creepy.

You may not get anyone, but I’ve tried this game with a few friends and relatives, and there’s usually someone out of the bunch that shares a birthday with a serial killer or some other awful person. (And if they don’t, maybe THEY’RE the bad guy! Dun dun dun!)

Recommended read: Your new favourite major! Exorcism!

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I’m a big believer in the power of education—especially when that education can banish tricky demons back to hell.

And thanks to a huge surge in Satanism due to a world gone to rot (and people’s interest in fortune telling?), the Vatican is soon to be offering an exorcism course.