Today is the one year anniversary of Final Girl‘s launch on Jukepop Serials. What a ride it’s been! I remember the exhilaration of publishing the first chapter—a chapter I had slaved over for almost a year before figuring out what the whole story was about. A chapter that I had included in a grant application. A chapter that came to me so easily, but caused agony during the editing process. I was probably more terrified to share that chapter than Jess was to witness her bandmates being slaughtered. Well, almost….Read More →

(Author’s note: I wrote this in December, but then forgot where I saved it. #authorproblems) I don’t think I’ve ever been in first place in my life. Unless you count playing Mario Kart against my sister, in which case I always had the top screen so I think I had the advantage, so is that really winning? Probably not. On December 1, I learned that my web serial Final Girl received the most votes for the month of November. That means a whole ton of people were reading it and enjoying it enough to vote. (In December, I was down to fifth place, but that’sRead More →


When a terrorist group of killers known as the “Unholy Seven” escape custody, final girl Jess Kendall becomes their main target. To survive the onslaught of horrifying maniacs, deadly slashers, and unspeakable monsters, lone wolf Jess must learn how to play nice with others-and hopefully not get her new friends killed in the process. I’ve been mulling this one over since last spring, and while I tried to compile it into a novel, there are too many directions I wanted to go with it. So I shelved it, but my imagination kept coming back to this world.Read More →

Last weekend, I e-published a short story, Fury. It’s the only short story I’ve written where the form fit the story, the characters were fun to write, and I was pleased with the process and end result. The plot: An introverted woman becomes hell-bent on revenge after meeting a girl who avenges wronged women. I wrote it as a trial piece for my writers’ circle. Each of us is required to bring a piece of writing to the first meeting and the day of, I scratched out 500 words about a girl who gets harassed by a piggish brute in the parking lot of aRead More →