Today is the one year anniversary of Final Girl‘s launch on Jukepop Serials. What a ride it’s been! I remember the exhilaration of publishing the first chapter—a chapter I had slaved over for almost a year before figuring out what the whole story was about. A chapter that I had included in a grant application. A chapter that came to me so easily, but caused agony during the editing process. I was probably more terrified to share that chapter than Jess was to witness her bandmates being slaughtered. Well, almost….Read More →

(Author’s note: I wrote this in December, but then forgot where I saved it. #authorproblems) I don’t think I’ve ever been in first place in my life. Unless you count playing Mario Kart against my sister, in which case I always had the top screen so I think I had the advantage, so is that really winning? Probably not. On December 1, I learned that my web serial Final Girl received the most votes for the month of November. That means a whole ton of people were reading it and enjoying it enough to vote. (In December, I was down to fifth place, but that’sRead More →

I love talking to writers about their process and publishing choices, and this morning when I saw that Krista D. Ball (Twitter handle @kristadb1) had a new (self-published) book coming out on August 2, I wanted to ask her some questions. Some really great stuff came out of it (love her advice at the end). Here’s the Storify, in case you missed it: Thanks again to Krista for taking the time to answer my questions. Be sure to buy one of her books.[View the story “Twitter interview with author Krista D. Ball” on Storify]Read More →

In my early publishing/writing days, I cut my teeth as a proofreader. I’ll admit, it’s not something I always miss, but it’s something I appreciate having done for nearly three years. I learned a lot — about bad writing vs. rushed writing; how typos happen; the importance of style guides; and how to apply lessons I’ve learned to my own writing. So while I’m not a perfect writer by any means (spoiler: no one is — at least in their initial drafts), I can offer you some elementary proofreading advice to improve your own work. 1. Re-read your own work You don’t need a fancyRead More →

I got my first rejection letter! And I feel good! That’s silly, right? No one should feel good after being rejected by someone or from something. Maybe not “good” but okay. I feel the same way I felt BEFORE I sent my story in — confident, happy, inspired, and hopeful. I’m trying to determine why I feel so fine with this news. I was really looking forward to hearing my story read as part of this all-women edition of Pseudopod. Perhaps it’s that I worked in magazine publishing for a few years and have had my story ideas slapped down by far scarier, critical people.Read More →

I’m so proud. My dad’s book is finally here. And here (for you ebook readers). After several months of being pestered by every telemarketer and phone scam you could image, my dad did what anyone else would do: he started screwing with them. The result is a book of 50 of his best pranks. I know, I know — I plugged it back in June, but it’s now finally here and I hope you buy a copy for yourself and/or for that friend or relative that bitches about how much they hate telemarketers bothering them. And now he’s been bitten by the writing bug. He’sRead More →

I was wracking my summer-addled brains for something to blog about this month, and then it occurred to me: June has Father’s Day. Typically, we’re not supposed to make a big deal out of Father’s Day in my family because my dad never wants anything. He doesn’t wear ties nor does he play golf. He BBQs, but he doesn’t get all fancy about spices and utensils. He really just wants us all to get together. But this year was something special and I’m excited to announce it on my blog today. My dad, Murray Sparks, wrote one of the funniest books I’ve ever read, andRead More →