When a terrorist group of killers known as the “Unholy Seven” escape custody, final girl Jess Kendall becomes their main target. To survive the onslaught of horrifying maniacs, deadly slashers, and unspeakable monsters, lone wolf Jess must learn how to play nice with others-and hopefully not get her new friends killed in the process.

I’ve been mulling this one over since last spring, and while I tried to compile it into a novel, there are too many directions I wanted to go with it. So I shelved it, but my imagination kept coming back to this world.

In doing a bit of research, I learned that serial fiction is regaining ground with readers. People still love reading good stories, but the way they’re consuming them has changed in some ways. I still love a good, hefty novel as much as anyone, but I’ve really been enjoying the binge-reading aspect of chapter-by-chapter stories. And the more I read, the more I realized this format would work well for Final Girl.

So as of today, you can begin reading my first-ever web serial—with new chapters every Wednesday and Sunday:

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