I’m on mat leave right now, caring for my little guy, and let me tell you—it’s hard to write. If I can get him down for a two-hour nap, I’m golden but the trouble is whether he naps for 15 minutes or two hours, I can’t see into the future to know HOW LONG he’ll nap for. The unpredictability is harsh, and I miss the old working days of knowing I’d at least have 45 minutes over my lunch hour.

So because “writers write always,” I have to find other ways of keeping up my writing skills, and if I can’t actually write, then I have to try to read a lot.

The other important thing too is I want my kid to appreciate books and storytelling. I want him to love a simple trip to the library where the only limit to the amount of books you can borrow is restricted to how much you can lift, bro.

So we started visiting my local library every couple of weeks. Mind you, he’s nodding off in a stroller while mom picks out books for him, but you gotta start somewhere. Then I got it in my head that because I’m not bound to a desk, we can go anywhere we want at any time. We’re not restricted to my local branch because it’s conveniently on the commute home, and the Edmonton Public Library has so many beautiful (and some new) branches, so I’ve decided that our goal over the next few months is to visit EVERY EPL BRANCH.

I’ll take a picture and write a little post about our experience and what we liked/didn’t like. I’m hoping to take Baby F to a couple of infant sing-along/storytimes, so I’ll let you know how that goes too. And I’ll try to share with you the books we took out because why not?

Stay tuned. Going to have something to share soon.