Guys. It’s 2016.

Do you even know what that means?

It’s a MOTHERFLIPPIN’ LEAP YEAR and I get a birthday this month!

That means those of us born on the beautiful, rare February 29 (about 4 million people worldwide) get a day this year. I don’t know about you other leapers, but I tend to quietly celebrate the passing of a non-February 29 year; it just doesn’t feel like a real birthday and I don’t feel that same connection with the 28th or March 1.

So this year, because I can’t run off to London or Disneyland like I have in the past, I’m celebrating the “Month of Stephanie” right here, and you can too.

That’s right. You get stuff because of my birthday. Consider it a treat bag for coming to this blog post party.

From February 1 to March 1, use coupon code XN34V to get 67% off Killer Celebrity Island at While you’re there, check out my free stories, Fury and Bridezilla vs. the Monsters. Because come on, it’s my birthday.