*Not everyone shares the same sense of fun as we do, so you might scare some folks away or not get invited to the next party. On the other hand, you’ll find out who your true weirdo friends are!

This is an easy game. 1. Ask the person their date of birth. 2 Google search for serial killers born on that day. 3. Read the Wikipedia entry about the killer that comes up. 4. Enjoy this unusual, but super fun icebreaker.

Lemme share mine. I was born on February 29 (yes—the Leap Day). This is a very rare day, so you’d think the odds of there being any serial killers born this day would be next to nothing.


I share a birthday with TWO serial killers: Aileen Wuornos and Richard Ramirez. Yeah, pretty freakin’ creepy.

You may not get anyone, but I’ve tried this game with a few friends and relatives, and there’s usually someone out of the bunch that shares a birthday with a serial killer or some other awful person. (And if they don’t, maybe THEY’RE the bad guy! Dun dun dun!)