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  • Aaaaaauuuurrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!


Final Girl series

When a terrorist group of killers known as the “Unholy Seven” escape custody, final girl Jess Kendall becomes their main target. To survive the onslaught of horrifying maniacs, deadly slashers, and unspeakable monsters, lone wolf Jess must learn how to play nice with others—and hopefully not get her new friends killed in the process. Series IV coming 2019!

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“Bridezilla vs. the Monsters,” a short (short) story (2015)

When a disgruntled former bridesmaid breaks open the gates of hell and unleashes a firestorm of monsters, what else is a blushing bride to do? Grab her axe and rally her troops (er, bridesmaids) of course! You are cordially invited to … Bridezilla vs. the Monsters!

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“Fury,” a short story (2013)
Introverted fact checker Markie is the world’s doormat. After a confrontation with an aggressive man, Markie receives a business card from the mysterious Alice.

“Revenge for Hire. Hell hath no fury…”

For a downtrodden girl like Markie, she soon discovers a thirst for revenge that can’t be satisfied.
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Killer Celebrity Island (2012)
A group of celebrities — including an actress out of rehab, a hot-tempered football star, a reality show spitfire, and a punk rocker with a bloody past — are taken to a tropical island and given an opportunity to play a game to win $300 billion. The catch? There can only be one winner and everyone else must die.
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